Take control of your home energy

Get personalised insights based on your energy use and unleash the power of your smart meter to...

  • Use less gas and electricity at home
  • Save £200 a year on your energy bills
  • Reduce your household emissions
Hand holding mobile phone with Energy Saver App on the screen

Free energy app for Oxfordshire residents

Energy Saver App is a new, free mobile app from Oxfordshire County Council.

It uses clever technology to analyse your smart meter data and understand your home energy use. It then gives you highly personalised insights that your smart meter can’t, so you can make informed choices about your home's energy use and efficiency.

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Save money on your energy bills

Save on average 8% (or over £200 a year) on gas and electricity

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Understand your home energy use

Get data and insights to help you see where all your energy goes

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Enhance your home’s efficiency

See how much you could save by making your home more efficient

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Reduce your household emissions

Use less energy, create fewer emissions, and track progress in-app

Energy Saver App features

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Pinpoint Power Hungry Appliances

See which appliances are silently sucking your energy budget.

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Personalised, Actionable Tips

Get clear, custom advice to cut bills based on your usage.

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Receive Energy Spike Alerts

Get instant warnings when your energy use surges.

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Home Efficiency Upgrade Predictions

See how much you could save with home efficiency upgrades

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Set & Track Energy Goals

Easily create budgets and monitor your progress.

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Compare & Compete

See how your energy use stacks up against similar homes.

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Monitor Trends

Easily compare your energy use month-to-month.

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Track CO2 Reduction

See how much you’ve reduced your carbon footprint.

Get started with Energy Saver App

To get set up with Energy Saver App, you’ll need to download the app on your smart phone, create a new account, and connect the app to your smart meter.

This should be a quick and easy process - click here for the simple step-by-step instructions.

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